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Prediction: newspapers will decline in future

By Alex Dugan

We can already see this trend by looking at the circulation numbers of a popular news magazine, “print subscriptions have been dropping across the industry. Newsweek’s reported figures were 3.1 million subscribers in 2007, then 2.6 million a year later, and 1.5 million as of January 2010” (Sciullo, 2011, pg.1).  These dropping numbers can easily be attributed to technology and the beating it is putting on these print media sources.

With millions of subscribers cancelling their subscriptions every year, we once again and predict that within ten years, most, if not all news will be in transmitted via the internet.  We are losing the days when a person grabs a freshly printed paper and reads it over a cup of coffee before work.  Now this same person will be drinking their coffee while scrolling down the webpage on their laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  It’s just easier, cheaper, and way more efficient means on getting the news that people want.