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Storify offers people a different way to tell stories

This is also serving as a show and tell for this class.

Recently creates is Storify, a website that allows users to tell a story through Tweets, Facebook posts, other social media posts and original content. Just last week, Storify was used to tell the stunning story of the tornado disaster in Joplin, Missouri. The author, Steve Streza, used tweets, pictures, videos and blurbs from other news websites to show the devastation in Joplin.

All of the different places on Twitter and news websites, photos and videos taken from different people are all seen in one story. It is a very powerful way to convey one story that canvasses an incredibly wide range of opinions, view points and perspectives from all across the world.

We all thought Twitter was huge. It gave us all ways to express short opinions and share stories in the same place. Storify takes it a step further. All of those thoughts we would have to click on individual profiles, pages or links — across different online and social media platforms — can all be seen on one place.

If used well, there are no limits to the advantages of using Storify to tell the news of any given day.